kids drawing at bus shelter dedication

Job Openings


We take internships very seriously at the Southeast CDC.  Interns have provided valuable services to us and to many of our partner organizations over the years.  Southeast Baltimore is a wonderful community to work in, and we strive to provide an educational and meaningful experience to all who volunteer here.  We can often find you an internship at a partner organization if we are not able to offer one ourselves.

In general, we do not accept undergraduate interns.  We have made exceptions in the past for specific tasks or projects.  We usually have too much to do, so even if you don’t see a project listed we may be able to use your help.  We like to work with people who love cities, and who understand cities and the diversity of people who live in them.  We have fun, but we need self-motivated, self-directed “people persons” who can get the job done.

If you are interested in an internship at the Southeast Community Development Corporation, please contact Chris Ryer at or 410.342.3234 x 33 to set up an appointment.